2nd semester - 1/4 - 1/13

Friday, 1/13

Turn in:

"Perfect Partner" parent/student activity

Annotated "Romeo and Juliet in Bosnia" article

Writing Activity

In class: Finish Act 1 on DVD


Review Act 1; use No Fear Shakespeare website to help you with translation.

Create 2-3 entries based on character for Character Chart (chart is available under "Quarter 3 Downloads.)

*If you were absent at all this week and want to see Act 1 in it's entirety, we will be showing Act 1 on Wednesday, 1/18 after school from 2:45 - 3:20. See me for details.

Thursday, 1/12


Discuss "No Fear Shakespeare" website / resource for reading

Review correct answers for "Prologue" - keep in notebook

Watch 3 minute clip of "Prologue"

Continue DVD and character analysis from Act 1, Scenes 1 and 2


enlightenedHomework! Tonight, you need to make sure you finish the following items for submission tomorrow:

1) Perfect Mate handout / parent activity

2) Minimum 14 annotations for "Romeo and Juliet in Bosnia" article

3) Writing Activity for "Romeo and Juliet in Bosnia" (see list of choices on the back of annotation handout)


Wednesday, 1/11

No additional handouts today. 

Finish working through the "Prologue" activity today.

Assign character tracking / review assignment (See "Downloads" for form, then come see me for directions.)

View Act 1, Scene 1 - Discuss feud, complications, characters 

Note: I will provide a YouTube link for movie in case you are absent. We watched the 1st 10 minutes of the movie today in class.  Go to "Downloads for 3rd Quarter" for link to movie. 


*Finish the "Prologue" activity tonight if you did not finish in class. Will review Thursday. 

Continue working on "Romeo and Juliet in Bosnia" annotations. - Due Friday

Continue Writing Activity for "Bosnia" article. - Due Friday

Review Act 1, Scenes 1 and 2 tonight for tomorrow in textbook.


Tuesday, 1/10

3 handouts

Warm Up - STAAR-based Revising and Editing Packet (Questions 2, 3, 4)

Review student writing sample - work in groups to revise, edit passage

Begin Romeo and Juliet - "Prologue" Activity / Sonnet (groups) 


"Perfect Mate" activity with parent - due Friday, 1/13

Annotations and writing activity - due Friday, 1/13


Monday, 1/9

2 handouts

Warm Up - STAAR-based Writing and Editing Packet - Question #1

Lesson: Non-fiction article: "Real Life Romeo and Juliet" Friday, 1/6

Annotation Discussion and Activity / article

Discuss "Perfect Mate" homework

*If you were absent, please pick up the handouts from the hanging file folders.*

enlightenedHomework - 

1) Work on "Perfect Mate" activity with parent - Due Friday

2) Work on article annotations / writing activity - Due Friday


Warm Up - See section under Quarter 3 Downloads for today's warm up. 

Shakespeare YouTube intro and reading, pages Thursday, 1/5 (Pp. 802-803)

Warm Down - See section under Quarter 3 Downloads for today's warm down. 


Be sure to obtain one of the three novels listed under "Novel Lists" link for third quarter. 

Obtain 2 handouts + copy of PowerPoint class set of notes.

Warm up: Anticipation Guide for Romeo and Juliet (handout)

Groups: Read printed PowerPoint over "Globe Theater" and fill in Guided Questions (handout)

Warm down: Read Pp. 798-799 (Globe Theater), then in your Interactive Notebook, describe in 5-6 sentences what it would be like to be an audience member at the Globe theater during Shakespeare's time.


1) Obtain 3rd quarter independent novel in the next 1-2 weeks.


Wednesday, 1/4

New seating chart; obtain Interactive Notebook

Discuss 3rd quarter; Independent Novel

Completed the following:

Read / discussed as a class top of page 778 in literature book.

As a group, completed the activity on page 778.

Independently, completed activities on page 779.

enlightenedHomework: Obtain independent novel by next week (see "Novel Lists" link at the top of this page.)