Semester 2 - 2/13 - 2/17

Friday, 2/17

Complete mandatory test corrections for Romeo Exams 1, 2 if not finished.

Independent Reading Day - read assigned pages in novels

enlightenedHomework! Be sure to: 

- Read assigned pages for next Wednesday.

- Complete Role Task Sheet for next Wednesday. 

- Annotate novel (one meaningful response or question per page.) 

*No school Monday! Schedules Sign Up for next year is Tuesday!)


Complete reading Thursday, 2/16

Literature Circles - Receive reading schedule and task handout.

*Remember to complete test corrections ASAP!


Bring novel and task assignment with you tomorrow to class. 

Continue reading assigned pages in novel and work on annotations.

Remember to bring completed Novel Group Role Assignment next Wednesday to class.


Wednesday, 2/15

Continue working on Romeo and Juliet test corrections for both exams. You may come in before school, during PLC and after school until 3:30 for this round of test corrections. 

*Novel activities and independent reading begin Thursday and tomorrow!!!


Read assigned pages from independent novel for tomorrow. 

***Be sure to bring your novel with you to class both Thursday AND Friday.***


Tuesday, 2/14 - Happy Valentine's Day!

Complete mandatory test corrections for Romeo and Juliet Test #2. You will also be given a chance to complete test corrections for Romeo and Juliet Test #1 in class today and tomorrow as well.


Continue reading assigned pages in independent novel.

*Remember that you need one meaningful annotation PER PAGE for the assigned reading due Wednesday/Thursday.


Monday, 2/10

Independent Novel requirements, expectations, "Mosaic" projects guidelines

Receive 3 handouts for "Mosaic" project due 3/8


enlightenedHomework! Be sure to begin reading assigned pages for Wednesday, Thursday (see board for schedule)

*Remember that you need to complete ALL test corrections for your Romeo and Juliet Exams ASAP!*